Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Attitude Towards Work And Love Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Attitude Towards Work And Love - Essay Example For the past 150 years, our attitude work and love has changed drastically. Initially, workers in their forties were considered wiser and more experienced, thus earning more as they age. With the most difficult jobs, their decisions were well-respected and honored. On one hand, those who were in their twenties were believed to lack such wisdom and strength since they are inexperienced.However, at the turn of the century, a shift directing attention to the physical attribution initiated the notion that middle-aged workers are less organized and stubborn as they are confronted by the decline in their mental and physical strength. Employers nowadays hire younger workers because they have fresher ideas since they believe â€Å"aging† employees become tolerant to change and inclined to â€Å"old† practices.Similarly, relationships have changed particularly on issues of ‘manhood’ and fidelity. To reaffirm their masculinity at mid-life, men resortedtokeep in shape and build muscles and getas much sex as possible.   Men who get involved with other women are now admired in the society more than those who remain celibate, instead of being mocked.Sleeping with other women other than his wife, particularly procreating even outside marriage isnow envied by the many.

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